Mini bacon and spinach quiche

Home-baked pie crust filled with pan fried bacon and spinach, baked with white sauce and topped with parmesan cheese

Mini pizza

Choice of flavors: Pepperoni, mushroom with caramelised onions, all-time favourites Hawaiian 

Mini Salad

Greens, potatoes, green apples with bacon bits and yoghurt


Choice of flavors: Egg Mayo, Tuna


Cheese Scones

Little yummy scones, cheesy with a tinge of spice from cayenne pepper


Crispy crust topped with garlic herb cream cheese, avocado and tomatoe cubes

Fruit skewers

Colorful fruit kabobs makes everything taste better

Whipped goat cheese with stuffed tomatoes

Healthy, refreshing crowd pleasing appetizer garnished with lightly toasted breadcrumbs


Choice of flavors: Pumpkin & sundries, spinach with onions and cheese, sour cream, chives

Roasted baby potatoes with sour cream

Roasted potatoes topped with sour cream and bacon bits. You'll love them!

Watermelon shooters

Fresh frozen watermelon bits combined with lime juice. Perfect refresher!